Biographical elements 1961-1979

1961 : Following the 16th Congress of the Communist Party ... french flag
...and the Servin-Casanova case, Boris stops taking on responsibilities within the Communist Party.

1962 : The collection of short stories « Tambour battant » is published by the French United Editors.

1965-1970 : He produces a series of drawings of the Parisian suburbs (Saint-Ouen, Stains, La Courneuve, Bobigny, Drancy, Épinay/Seine).

1967-1969 : He paints « the "Napalm" Series ».
NAPALM, 1967, oil on canvas, 18,1 x 13 in

10th - 18th May 1969 : Exhibition at Dammarie-les-Lys.
Invitation to Town Hall
Dammarie-le-Lys, 10th - 18th May 1969

1970 : The house in rue Campagne Premiere in Paris,...
...where his studio is located is demolished ; he obtains a studio of the City of Paris, 7 passage Ricaut in the 13th Parisian district.

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Studio rue Campagne Première : STUDIO WITH CHAISE LONGUE, 1962, oil on canvas, 31,8 x 51,2 in
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Studio passage Ricaut : PORTRAIT OF THE EASEL, 1972, oil on canvas, 31,9 x 21,3 in

1971-1980 : Professor at the National School of Decorative Arts (E.N.S.A.D),...
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Boris TASLITZKY talks about his teaching at the National School of Decorative Arts (E.N.S.A.D)
Extract of the movie « L'Atelier de Boris » (Boris' studio), © Christophe COGNET, 2004
...He restores the teaching of drawing and presides over the commission which decides to create « Dating Workshops » (Atelier de rencontre) in 1975.

18th May 1971 : He writes a « « Tribute to Courbet »
Invitation for the Tribute to Courbet
Paris, 18th May 1971

13th October - 6th November 1971 : Exhibition at the Christiane Colin gallery
Invitation at the CHRITIANE COLIN gallery
Paris, 13th October - 6th November 1971
in Paris.

14th October-15th November 1972 : Exhibition at the National Institute of Popular Education
Marly-le-Roi, 14th October - 15th November 1972
in Marly-le-Roi.

1974 : Publication of « Un Pommier de plein vent » drawings by Boris Taslitzky, poems by Jacques Gaucheron.
JACQUES GAUCHERON READING, undated, pencil, 7,3 x 5 in

1975 : Publication of « Encountering the ocean » drawings by Boris Taslitzky, poems by Jacques Gaucheron.
JACQUES GAUCHERON READING, undated, pencil, 7,3 x 5 in
Printing Blanchard.

1976 : He exhibits « The peasants in central France block the roads » at the Salon of Painters Witnesses of their Time.

1976-1977 : He paints the « Chile series »
CHILI, 1976, oil on canvas, 38,6 x 57 in
on canvases.

1978 : Second edition of « Boris Taslitzky, 111 drawings made in Buchenwald » French Association Buchenwald-Dora. Hautefeuille editions.

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BORIS TASLITZKY, One hundred and eleven drawings made in Buchenwald, 2nd edition.
French Association Buchenwald-Dora. Editions Hautefeuille.