Biographical elements 1946-1950

January 1946 : Aragon
ARAGON, undated, pencil on paper, 3,3 x 5,5 in
publishes a volume grouping a large part of... french flag
... of his drawings made in Buchenwald under the title "Boris Taslitzky, 111 drawings made in Buchenwald". Bibliotheque Francaise edition with a preface by Julien Cain.
JULIEN CAIN, Buchenwald concentration camp, 1945, pencil on paper

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111 DRAWINGS of Boris Taslitzky made in BUCHENWALD, first edition, 1946

1945-1946 : He paints three large canvases.
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Boris TASLITZKY speaks of his imperious desire, on his return from Buchenwald, to testify by painting on what he has just lived.
Extract of the tv broadcast « SILENCES », © Véronique SARTRE and Françoise BOURVIS 1996
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Boris TASLITZKY testifies to the difficulties of the return of the deportees.
Extract of the movie « L'Atelier de Boris » (Boris' studio), © Christophe COGNET, 2004

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THE LITTLE CAMP IN BUCHENWALD, 1945, oil on canvas, 118,1 x 196,8 in (coll. MNAM)
© M.N.A.M Centre Georges-Pompidou, Paris
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THE WAGON WITH DEPORTED HUMAN BEINGS, 1945, oil on canvas, 112,2 x 74,2 in
© Museum of Art and History - Saint-Denis. Photo : DR
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THE WEIGHING, 1945, oil on canvas, 118,5 x 78,7 in
© Museum of the National Resistance, Champigny-sur-Marne

1st June 1946 : He exhibits at Gentilhommiere gallery,
Invitation to the Gallery LA GENTILHOMMIÈRE
Paris, 1st June/25th June 1946
Paris. Testimony.

22nd August 1946 : Birth oh his daughter Evelyne.

5th November 1946 : He marries Suzanne, Evelyne's mother.
Boris TASLITZKY with his wife Suzanne LEGUET and their daughter Évelyne.
Photo Willy RONIS

1946 : He receives the Blumenthal prize (section for painting).

26th April 1947 : He exhibits at the Gentilhommière gallery,
Paris, 26th April/17th May 1947
Paris, with Jean Amblard, Mireille Glodek-Jailhe, Albert Laforet.
Boris writes and draws many illustrations for the papers Les Lettres Francaises, L'Humanité, France Nouvelle, La Pensée, Europe, La Nouvelle Critique. He meets Jean Rollin
Jean Rollin, 21st June 1964, pencil, 8,3 x 6,1 in
at the newspaper Ce Soir. He meets Jacques Gaucheron
Jacques Gaucheron reading, undated, pencil, 7,3 x 5 in
et Jean Pérus.
Jean Pérus, thesis of Jean Pérus 22nd June 1968, pencil, 9,6 x 8,3 in

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Boris TASLITZKY tells his story in Denain in the North with Jean Amblard.
Extract of the movie « L'Atelier de Boris » (Boris' studio), © Christophe COGNET, 2004
He is sent by the Museum of the Arts and Popular Traditions, to make a report in Denain in the North, mining country, in the company of the painter Jean Amblard.
He made drawings there in the steel factories.

1948 : He paints many canvases inspired by his drawings, as "The Delegates" which was exhibited at the Autumn Salon,...
... " the women of Denain ", " Demonstration on the pit-head of the mine ". Et aussi " The elders of the Creuse resistance movement after the Liberation ".

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THE DELEGATES, 1947, oil on canvas, 51,2 x 63,8 in
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THE WOMEN OF DENAIN, 1946, oil on canvas, 19,7 x 25,6 in
© Musée d'archéologie et d'histoire locale de Denain
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DEMONSTRATION ON THE PIT-HEAD OF THE MINE, 1947, oil on canvas, 48,8 x 65,4 in

1949 : He paints " The death of Danielle Casanova ", woman arrested as resistant and dead in Auschwitz.
The artwork is exhibited in the Saint-Denis Town Hall,
Invitation to Saint-Denis Town Hall
Saint-Denis, 9th December 1950
on 9th December 1950.

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THE DEATH OF DANIELLE CASANOVA, STUDY, 1949, oil on canvas, 31,9 x 51,2 in
© Tate Modern, Londres

1950 : He is part of a delegation in U.R.S.S alongside Paul Éluard.
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Boris TASLITZKY recounts his trip to the USSR.
Extract of the movie « L'Atelier de Boris » (Boris' studio), © Christophe COGNET, 2004

10th May 1950 : Boris Taslitzky is awarded the military medal and the one for voluntary soldiers joining the Resistance.